Deploying and Administering Windows Vista Bible by Bob Kelly;Nelson Ruest;Danielle Ruest

By Bob Kelly;Nelson Ruest;Danielle Ruest

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Indd 25 8/20/08 9:21:19 PM Part I Developing the Deployment Strategy Evaluating Hardware Requirements If you will be migrating existing machines to Windows Vista, you will first need to get an idea of what hardware you have deployed and how well it will handle Windows Vista. With its introduction, much hype and media attention was given to how much more hardware intensive Windows Vista is. In reality, Windows Vista is quite an adaptive operating system and will adjust its features to accommodate the hardware on which it is installed.

Using the network to distribute your image offers the advantages of centralized version control and, hopefully, reliability. Centralized version control is realized because all imaging is performed from the same distribution point. When new images are released, a simple update to the distribution point ensures that all new imaging will use the new image. Reliability is also increased as networks cannot be scratched or dropped as can DVDs or USB drives. indd 24 8/20/08 9:21:19 PM Planning the Deployment 1 On the downside, your network must be able to handle the additional load of pulling deployment images across them.

A fast USB drive can boot and apply an image in less than half the time it might take to apply the same image from DVD. Secondly, they require no network connectivity and can be useful in remote locations or on overworked networks where bandwidth is a concern. Also, USB drives tend to be more reliable and are not susceptible to scratching in the way DVDs are. Lastly, the typical USB drive is much larger than the capacity of a DVD, allowing for more and larger images on a single drive. USB drives suffer some of the same downfalls that DVDs do, namely not having a reliable means of version control.

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