Danish vocabulary for English speakers : 3000 words by Andrey Taranov

By Andrey Taranov


This e-book is a studying instrument for studying simple Danish vocabulary. it is going to assist you receive a fantastic base on your wisdom of the Danish language. The 3000 phrases contained during this variation will reduction on your figuring out of easy words and hone your composition talents. This guide can be a useful reference in the course of any journey out of the country the place the Danish language is spoken. basic transcriptions of every notice will help in the memorization of studying principles. after you have mastered even in basic terms 70% of the phrases contained during this vocabulary consultant, it is possible for you to to claim: “Yes! I converse a bit Danish!”

T&P Books vocabularies are meant that can assist you research, memorize and overview overseas words

  • The dictionary includes over 3000 established words
  • Recommended as extra aid fabric to any language course
  • Meets the desires of either novices and complex learners
  • Convenient for day-by-day use, reviewing periods and self-testing activities
  • Allows you to evaluate your present vocabulary
  • This publication can be utilized by international freshmen of English

Special good points of T&P Books bilingual vocabularies:

  • Words are prepared based on their that means, no longer alphabetically
  • Content is gifted in 3 columns to facilitate the reviewing and self-testing processes
  • Each subject matter consists of small blocks of comparable lexical units
  • The vocabulary deals a handy and easy transcription for every overseas word

This revised variation (June 2016) comprises one hundred and one issues together with:

Basic ideas, Numbers, devices of size, an important verbs, Time, Calendar, Day and evening, Months, Seasons, go back and forth, Sightseeing, urban, purchasing, garments & add-ons, Cosmetics, mobilephone, mobile dialog, international languages, nutrition, eating place, relatives, Human physique, medication, furnishings, loved ones home equipment, The Earth, climate, typical failures, Fauna, Wild animals, international locations of the area and extra …

Our Danish assortment comprises additionally vocabularies of 5000, 7000 and 9000 phrases. some of these titles can be found as published books and e-books. for additional information please stopover at www.tpbooks.com. in case you have any query, recommendation or suggestions, please touch us: admin@tpbooks.com

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Train 39 T&P Books. Danish vocabulary for English speakers - 3000 words passenger conductor passager (c) kontrollør (c) [pasa′ɕeʌ] [kʌntʁo′løɒ] corridor (in train) emergency break gang (c) nødbremse (c) [gɑŋ] [′nøðˌbʁe:msə] compartment berth upper berth lower berth linen kupe (c) køje (c) overkøje (c) underkøje (c) linned (n) [ku′pe] [′kɒjə] [′ɒwʌkɒjə] [′ɔnɒˌkʌjə] [′lenəð] ticket schedule information display billet (c) køreplan (c) lystavle (c) [bi′lɛd] [′kø:ɒˌplæ:n] [′lysˌtɑulə] to leave, to depart departure to arrive (about train) arrival at afgå afgang (c) at ankomme ankomst (c) [at ɑu′gɔ:] [ɑu′gɑŋ] [at ′anˌkʌmə] [′anˌkɒmsd] to be late (about train) to arrive by train to get on the train to get off the train at forsinke at komme med toget at stå på toget at stige af toget [at fʌ′seŋkə] [at ′kɒmə mɛð ′tɔ:uəð] [at sdɔ: pɔ ′tɔ:uəð] [at ′sdi:ə a ′tɔ:uəð] train wreck to be derailed jernbaneulykke (c) at blive afsporet [′jæɒnˌbæ:nuløkə] [at ′bli:ə ɑus′bo:ɒð] steam engine stoker, fireman firebox coal lokomotiv (n) fyrbøder (c) fyr (n) kul (n) [lokomo′tiu] [′fyɒbø:ðʌ] [fyɒ] [kɔl] ship vessel skib (n) skib (n) [ski:b] [ski:b] steamship riverboat ocean liner cruiser dampbåd (c) motorskib (n) liner (c) krydser (c) [′dɑmbˌbɔð] [′mo:tʌski:b] [′lɑjnʌ] [′kʁyðsʌ] 26.

WET PAINT BRANDFARLIG FORBUDT ADGANG FORBUDT NYMALET [′bʁɑnˌfɑ:li] [fɒ:′bud] [′ɒdgɑŋ fɒ:′bud] [ny′mæ:ləð] at købe indkøb (n) at gå på indkøb shopping (c) at være åben at blive lukket [at ′kø:bə] [′enkø:b] [at gɔ pɔ ′enˌkøb] [′ɕʌbeŋ] [at ′vɛ:ɒ ′ɔ:bən] [at ′bli:ə ′lɔkəð] 31. Shopping to buy (purchase) purchase to go shopping shopping to be open to be closed 48 T&P Books. ) at prøve at passe at holde af ... [at ′pʁœ:uə] [at ′pasə] [at ′hɒlə a] price price tag to cost (vt) How much? discount pris (c) prismærke (n) at koste Hvor meget?

Post. ) mailman working hours postkontor (n) post (c) postbud (n) åbningstid (c) [′pɒsd kɔn′toɒ] [pɒsd] [′pɒsdˌbuð] [′ɔ:bneŋstið] letter registered letter postcard telegram parcel money transfer brev (n) anbefalet brev (n) postkort (n) telegram (n) postpakke (c) pengeoverførsel (c) [′bʁɛu] [′anbefæ:ləð ′bʁɛu] [′pɒsdˌkɒ:d] [telə′gʁɑm] [′pɒsdˌpɑkə] [′pɛŋə ′ɒwʌˌføɒsəl] to receive (vt) to send (vt) sending address ZIP code at få at afsende afsendelse (c) adresse (c) indeks (c) [at fɔ:] [at ɑu′sɛnə] [ɑu′sɛnəlsə] [ad′ʁasə] [′endɛks] 57 T&P Books.

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