Crosslinguistic Studies of Clause Combining: The by Ritva Laury

By Ritva Laury

The learn of clause combining has been complex in recent years through expanding curiosity within the examine of exact language use in a typologically various set of languages. a few got understandings were challenged, between those the belief of clause mixtures as being divisible into subordination and coordination in a binary style. hooked up to this concept is the character of conjunctions, a subject taken care of in different articles right here. Couched in the greater factor of the character of categoriality in language, numerous of the papers convey that conjunctions are hugely polyfunctional goods, and that clause combining is just one of the makes use of to which audio system placed them. different themes handled within the quantity are the historic improvement of conjunctions and using formulaic major clause buildings as projective devices in dialog. The articles show up either typological and theoretical breadth. they're in response to info from Bulgarian, English, Estonian, Finnish, Indonesian, jap, and Spanish. The theoretical techniques contain discourse-functional, interactional, historic and generative linguistics.

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In all instances of referring yang constructions, the yang construction itself is an NP, either serving as a direct argument of a predicate or occurring as an unattached NP. 4 Yang constructions as a continuum I began this paper by suggesting that colloquial Indonesian yang constructions are continuous and polyfunctional. I claimed they illustrate a blurring of the distinction between subordinate clause and phrasal constituent; more specifically, a blurring of the distinction between relative clause and noun phrase.

3 have shown three general types of yang constructions in the colloquial Indonesian data. 1 illustrates noun-modifying yang constructions. These modify a head noun, and occur within an NP. Structurally, these have all the characteristics of relative clauses, and, like relative clauses in other languages, they function both restrictively (to restrict the referent denoted by the head noun) and attributively (to describe characteristics of the head noun). 2 occur in equational sentences. Unlike relative clauses, they are headless and do not restrict or describe the referent of a head noun.

A related function for this construction is to negotiate the identity of a referent, as highlighted by the three yang constructions in the following example. Here, these yang constructions are three unattached NPs not associated with a predicate at all. . The expression minta ampun indicates something is true to a great and negative extreme. From subordinate clause to noun-phrase  (18) (“Dingdong” IU 843–845) 843 Yang kemarin. yang yesterday 844 Yang rambut panjang itu. yang hair long that 845 Yang ininya yang this-def dicukur.

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