Crossed Products of C^* Algebras by Dana P. Williams

By Dana P. Williams

The idea of crossed items is very wealthy and exciting. There are purposes not just to operator algebras, yet to topics as diversified as noncommutative geometry and mathematical physics. This ebook presents a close creation to this gigantic topic compatible for graduate scholars and others whose examine has touch with crossed product $C^*$-algebras. as well as offering the fundamental definitions and effects, the focus of this ebook is the tremendous perfect constitution of crossed items as published by means of the examine of precipitated representations through the Green-Mackey-Rieffel laptop. specifically, there's an in-depth research of the imprimitivity theorems on which Rieffel's conception of triggered representations and Morita equivalence of $C^*$-algebras are established. there's additionally an in depth remedy of the generalized Effros-Hahn conjecture and its evidence because of Gootman, Rosenberg, and Sauvageot. This publication is intended to be self-contained and available to any graduate pupil popping out of a primary path on operator algebras. There are appendices that take care of ancillary matters, which whereas now not important to the topic, are however the most important for a whole realizing of the fabric. many of the appendices should be of self sufficient curiosity. To view one other ebook by way of this writer, please stopover at Morita Equivalence and Continuous-Trace $C^*$-Algebras

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If A is an algebra and X ⊆ A then |Sg(X)| ≤ |X| + |F| + ω. Proof. 2. 2 Reference 1. G. Birkhoff and O. Frink [1948] Exercise §3 1. Show Sg(X) = X ∪ E(X) ∪ E 2 (X) ∪ · · · . §4. The Irredundant Basis Theorem Recall that finitely generated vector spaces have the property that all minimal generating sets have the same cardinality. ” For example, consider the Abelian group Z6 —it has both {1} and {2, 3} as minimal generating sets. 1. Let C be a closure operator on A. For n < ω, let Cn be the function defined on Su(A) by Cn(X) = {C(Y ) : Y ⊆ X, |Y | ≤ n}.

The lattice Π(A) is called the lattice of partitions of A. The last class of lattices which we introduce is that of algebraic lattices. 13. Let L be a lattice. An element a in L is compact iff whenever A exists and a ≤ A for A ⊆ L, then a ≤ B for some finite B ⊆ A. L is compactly generated iff every element in L is a sup of compact elements. A lattice L is algebraic if it is complete and compactly generated. The reader will readily see the similarity between the definition of a compact element in a lattice and that of a compact subset of a topological space.

An are elements of A and f is an n-ary symbol in F, then the easiest choice of an equivalence class to be the value of f applied to a1 /θ, . . , an /θ would be simply f A (a1 , . . , an )/θ. This will indeed define a function on A/θ iff (CP) holds. We illustrate (CP) for a binary operation in Figure 10 by subdividing A into the equivalence classes of θ; then selecting a1 , b1 in the same equivalence class and a2 , b2 in the same equivalence class we want f A (a1 , b1 ), f A (a2 , b2 ) to be in the same equivalence class.

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