Cross-linguistic Variation in Sentence Processing: Evidence by Despoina Papadopoulou

By Despoina Papadopoulou

This ebook argues in favour of cross-linguistic edition in sentence processing by way of offering empirical info from ambiguity solution in Greek as L1 and L2. it really is maintained that during hugely inflected languages, like Greek, preliminary parsing judgements are decided by way of the interplay of morphological and lexical cues instead of through common parsing ideas.

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In addition, the parameterisation of the parser is viewed as ‘a deductive consequence of parameter setting in Universal 24 CHAPTER 2 Grammar’ (Mazuka and Lust, 1990: 179). Namely, the use of bottom-up vs. top-down parsing mechanisms derives from the parameterisation of specific languages to either left-or right-branching languages respectively. Frazier and Rayner (1988) also underlined the partial failure of top-down parsing strategies in Japanese but contrary to Mazuka and Lust did not question the universality of the parser.

One question that could be raised is what it is exactly that the processor keeps count of to record the way this ambiguity is resolved. Mitchell et al. (1995) suggest that the processor uses coarse instead of fine measures, meaning that 34 CHAPTER 2 initial parsing decisions are based on tallies that are integrated over lexical details of the nouns that precede the RC. In other words, the item-specific lexical properties of the two nouns and their likelihood to take modifiers are excluded from the statistical records.

1999), they are initially attached to the most recent DP and not to the most salient one, which is the first DP, as anaphor resolution procedures would require. Croatian also uses two kinds of relativising elements, a relative complementizer, sto (that), as well as a relative pronoun, koji (which) (LovriT and Fodor, 2000). In a questionnaire study, LovriT et al. examined RC attachment preferences with both types of relativiser elements. The Anaphoric Binding strategy predicts that sentences with sto (that) should manifest a low-attachment preference, whereas sentences with koji (which) should yield a high-attachment preference.

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