Constructing Medieval Furniture: Plans and Instructions with by Daniel Deihl

By Daniel Deihl

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Plans for developing sixteen items in keeping with cautious research and dimension of infrequent originals from 1100-1500. features a bench, chair, desk, chest, mattress, door, wine cupboard, candlestand, and cradle.

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The outl ines are generally either black or brown and are execut ed in the same color th roughout th e work. The use of brown outl ines rather th an black prevents th e piece from lookin g cartoonish. The outlines sho uld vary slightly in breadth depend ing on th e size of th e area th ey are defining. Smaller areas like faces, hand s, and drinking goblets sho uld be outl ined with finer lines than th ose used for larger areas such as gowns and cloaks. Finish by painting highli ght s such as jewels, eye color, and embroidery work in bright colors using a small, round brush.

Now cut out the three areas of compound molding. St arting with th e band of molding nearest the collar, rough-in th e bands one at a tim e. Begin with a saw cut at the bottom of the first section of th e mold ing and th en remove excess wood with a series of kerf cuts, always being careful to keep th e saw blade at least li s inch (3mm) above the finished surface. The 2-inch (Slmm) high block at th e very base of the column remains th e full dimension of th e unworked block and does not need to be shaped.

If you want your han ging to be fairly rigid, or you do not want to paint on th e rough canvas surface, apply a base coat of gesso. If you want a more soft, draperylike look to the finished work, apply th e acrylic paint directl y to th e canvas with out gessoing it. Developing the Design Use th e design provided here, or choose one from a manuscript illum ination , medieva l painting, or tapestry. The design you select shou ld have similar proportions to your canvas. If not, you will need to sligh tly alter the proporti ons of your canvas, or simply elimi nate a porti on of th e design.

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