Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5 Utilities and Commands. Students Guide

Tru64 UNIX V5 Utilities and instructions is an entry-level direction. It presents the elemental talents had to successfully use a UNIX sort operatmg procedure together with Tni64 UNIX. UNIX method V, or a BSD-based system.The suggestions provided listed here are appropriate for clients of any UNIX atmosphere, and get ready scholars to exploit the typical computing device setting (CDE) and the Korn shell on any UNIX dependent working approach. The examples, routines, and options are in accordance with a Tru64 UNIX model 5.0 approach utilizing CDE and the Korn shell.

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The prerequisite chapters are depicted before the following chapters on the Course Map. The direction of the arrows determines the order in which the chapters should be covered. xxviii Taking This Course Figure 0-1: Course Map Getting Started with Tru64 UNIX Introducing UNIX Shells Using TCP/IP Networks Using CDE Using the vi Editor Printing Using CDE Customizing Your Workspace Redirecting, Filtering and Piping Introducing File System Concepts Printing Using CLI Using Tapes and Disks Controlling Processes Recalling and Editing Korn Shell Commands Managing Files with CDE Managing Files with CLI Communicating with Other Users Introducing Korn Shell Scripts Chapter Descriptions A brief description of each chapter is listed below.

At the prompt, type man date and press Return. Press the spacebar until the prompt returns. 1-16 Getting Started with Tru64 UNIX Summary Summary Introducing the Tru64 UNIX Operating System The Tru64 UNIX operating system is a multiuser, interactive, general-purpose operating system. It allows you to run more than one program at a time while performing other tasks simultaneously. Tru64 UNIX is an open system based on the OSF operating system called OSF/1. It has the "look and feel" of UNIX. Describing the User Interface The Tru64 UNIX operating system provides two methods for users to interact with the operating system: • Graphical user interface (GUI) For workstation users or intelligent terminals with bit-mapped displays • Command line interface (CLI) For character cell terminal users or a terminal emulator Logging In and Out of the System Your system administrator must provide you with username and password information before you can log in to the UNIX operating system.

Two types of commands are used in this course. Enter Type the command and press Return Type Type the characters and do not press Return • The Tru64 UNIX command line is indicated by a customizable symbol such as $. • Use the exit command to log out of the system. • Use the passwd command to change your password. Keep your password confidential. • The man command displays reference information about commands. Getting Started with Tru64 UNIX 1-17 Summary Choosing Passwords When choosing passwords, do not: • Choose words found in the dictionary • Use personal information • Use your default (original) password • Choose a password that is easy to guess, or hard to remember • Write down your password Listing Tru64 UNIX Documentation Compaq supplies a complete set of manuals with each kit of the Tru64 UNIX operating system.

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