Communicating Gender and Advocating Accountability in Global by Karin Wilkins

By Karin Wilkins

Case experiences of micro-enterprise, ladies' schooling, and inhabitants courses recommend that our discourse limits our capability to conceive of improvement, verbal exchange, and gender outdoor of neoliberal ideologies. Advocacy for worldwide social justice calls for a special responsibility via serious examine.

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Against the dominant neoliberal attention to women as individuals, Jaggar supports women’s activist movements’ work to promote the right to education, employment, and health services. The problem with the assertion of individual empowerment within the neoliberal paradigm is that poor women are then blamed for their circumstances, rather than understanding the broader economic environment in which one loan may require several others to pay off, or the social world in which domestic violence increases with women’s participation in microenterprise.

New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Kang, H. R. (2008). Transnational women’s collectivities and global justice. Journal of Social Philosophy, 39(3), pp. 359–377. Knaute, M. (2014). A growing sector: microfinance opens the way towards financial inclusion. Microfinance Barometer 2014/Convergences (p. 2). Paris: Chevillon Imprimeur. , van Lieshout, P. & Went, R. (2009). Doing Good or Doing Better : Development Policies in a Globalizing World. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. Kristoff, N. & WuDunn, S.

3) This critical work contributes to research agendas that highlight the politics of development discourse (Escobar, 1995), attempting to problematize more monolithic articulations of social change. In relation to development, feminist scholars raise concerns with the lack of attention to gender, an oversimplification of women’s interests, as well as an objectification of women as victims of circumstance. , 2000; Meyer & Prügl, 1999; Mohanty, 1991b). Peterson (2005) connects this objectification of women, as opposed to constructions of them as strong, independent, competent agents, within globalizing economies in which geopolitical elites govern in their own interests.

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