Colloquial Arabic of Egypt by Russell McGuirk

By Russell McGuirk

Colloquial Arabic of Egyptis person pleasant with step-by-step support! especially written by means of skilled lecturers for self-study or category use, the path will give you a step by step method of written and spoken Arabic of Egypt. No past wisdom of the language is required.

What makes Colloquial Arabic of Egypt your only option in own language learning?
* interactive - plenty of dialogues and workouts for normal practice
* transparent - concise grammar notes
* functional - worthwhile vocabulary and pronunciation guide
* entire - together with resolution key and precise reference section

via the top of this worthwhile direction it is possible for you to to speak with a bit of luck and successfully in a huge diversity of events.

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3 iS-Súura di fi maSr. 4 il-rádyo bitáa9 úmmi. 5 il-fáraH fiS-Sayf. 6 khaTíbti fi dáhab. Exercise 7 Imagine you are showing your photo album to an Egyptian friend. Listen to the recording and answer her questions as prompted. You will hear a model answer after the pauses. 4211 30 Arabic script Here are two more letters of the Arabic alphabet: ¿ … the letter nuun, pronounced ‘n’ as in ‘net’ the letter yaa, pronounced ‘y’ as in ‘yet’, or ‘ee’ as in ‘bee’ Joining letters When at the beginning or in the middle of a word, nuun and yaa have the same basic shape as baa, taa and thaa in Unit 1.

And you, Miss? My name’s Samya Nur and I’m a flight attendant with Egypt Air. 41 1111 Vocabulary bi-tishtághal eh? What do you do? (lit. ’) (fem. ) kímya Chemistry mish hína not here faránsa France áanisa ‘Miss’: a common way of addressing younger, unmarried women maSr liT-Tayaráan Egypt Air Occupations Here are some occupations. The feminine is formed by adding -a. Take note of how the stress on the word can move when this ending is added. Masculine Feminine mudárris duktúur muDíif muHáasib muhándis mumássil muHáami Táalib mudarrísa duktúura muDíifa muHásba muhandísa mumassíla muHaamáya Taalíba teacher doctor flight attendant accountant engineer actor lawyer student Note: mudarrísit kímya (chemistry teacher, lit.

Vocabulary aló? mawgúud yaa fándim má9aak widáad kabíina ‘lux’ siríir foh’ ba9d tilifizyóhn shibbáak 4211 hello? (only used over the telephone) available/there Sir/Madam Widaad speaking (lit. e. bunk beds) television window 48 Language points fiih/fíihaa fiih and fíihaa – literally meaning ‘in it’ – are useful phrases used generally to mean ‘there is/there are’ or ‘it has (got)’. fiih is more general than fíihaa, which usually refers to a specific (feminine) place. fiih kabíina? Is there a cabin (available)?

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