College Latin: An Intermediate Course by Peter L. Corrigan

By Peter L. Corrigan

Providing a much-needed grammar overview, besides various readings that would swimsuit many various educating personal tastes, this textbook is helping scholars make the transition from starting- to intermediate-level Latin. After utilizing College Latin, scholars may be reacquainted with all significant Latin grammar issues and manage to carry their very own in persevered higher-level studies.

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9. Of degree of difference hoc monile est multō pulchrius. This necklace is much/by far prettier. Marcus est longior duobus pedibus. Marcus is taller by two feet. 10. Of respect or specification est pulcher corpore et animo. He is beautiful in body and mind. 11. Of route advēnit Appiā Viā. He arrived on/by the Appian Road. 12. Of price vendidi servum magno pretio. I sold the slave at/for a great price. 13. , fruor, fungor, potior, utor, vescor) usus est gladio. He used a sword. fruor vino. I enjoy wine.

1. 6. vēnit nocte. He came at nighttime. a. When the time is just an approximation, the prepositions ad or sub with the accusative case are used: vēnit ad/sub noctem. He came around nighttime. 2. 6. vēnit nocte. He came during/in the night. a. For greater explicitness, the preposition in with the ablative can be used for time during or within which: vēnit in nocte. He came exactly at night. 3. 2. manebat decem dies. He stayed for ten days. a. For greater explicitness, the preposition per with the accusative can be used for time duration: manebat per decem dies.

VI. 1. Direct address pueri, est necesse discedere. Marce et Mani, venite! Boys, it’s necessary to leave. Marcus and Manius, come! VI I. 3. VI I I. A P P OS I T I ON A noun (or a pronoun or even an adjective) can be loosely attached to another noun in order to clarify or restrict it, and is called an appositive. The appositive is always placed in the same case as the noun to which it refers. 13 14 Morphology and Grammar Review Agrippa, meus pater, vocat. Agrippam, meum patrem, vocat. Agrippa, my father, summons.

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