Cisco Network Essentials for Educational Institutions

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The fall and concludes in the spring. Cisco solutions are the networking foundation for thousands of campuses and universities worldwide. edu/cisco)—Cisco has partnered with interactive and engaging electronic relationships among the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to develop students, teachers, administrators, suppliers, and a host the Cisco Educational Archive (CEARCH), which offers of global learning resources. Under Cisco’s “Global Net- “one-stop shopping” on the World Wide Web for hypermedia worked Campus” model, educational institutions can boost resources of interest to teachers, technical coordinators, productivity and enhance the learning experience they and students.

Networking Basics Checklists The following checklists provide a general idea of the components you will need to install your network. These Internet are meant to be rough guidelines only; your own instal- POTS to ISP Internet lation will vary based on your needs. Modem Server For Building a Small LAN • Clients with NICs installed • Server PC Ethernet Hub • Hub • Cabling PC Printer • Network operating system software (for example, Windows NT, Windows 95, Novell NetWare, LANtastic, PC AppleShare, and so on) • Modem for dialup Internet access (optional) PC For Connecting Buildings on a Campus • Clients with NICs installed • Network operating system software (for example, Windows NT, Windows 95, Novell NetWare, LANtastic, • Servers AppleShare, and so on) • Hubs • Router for shared Internet access (optional) • Switch • Cabling Internet Server T1 Line Classrooms Server Router Administration LAN Server Switch Library LAN Switch Hub LAN Switch Hub Hub Training and Support Studies of technology in campuses and colleges universally point to teacher training as a critical success factor.

With networking equipment that has 10 times faster. Fast Ethernet provides a smooth upgrade recently become available, ATM will also support WAN path for increasing performance in congested Ethernet transmissions. This feature makes ATM valuable for networks, because it can use the same cabling large, dispersed organizations. (if Category 5 cabling is used), applications, and net- Backbone work management tools. Variations include 100BaseFX, The part of a network that acts as the primary path for traffic moving between, rather than within, networks.

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