Build A Remote-Controlled Robot by David R. Shircliff

By David R. Shircliff

This quantity focuses fullyyt on development the cheap, remote-controlled robotic, The «Questor». The publication is illustrated with step by step, specific pictures of every level of the meeting procedure. No complicated digital or programming talents are required, making the publication compatible for first-time experimenters. The emphasis is at the strategies had to construct the robotic, instead of at the thought of robotic layout.

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Drillin g a nd cutting guide. , ~ ~ ш Dri llin g a nd cu ttin g gu id e. ~I 5 1/2" 9" 5 1/2" F IG UR E 2 - 18. 2" ~. 20" 01/4" dia. 1/~ I I ~. 0 ~/2~' FIGUR E 2-17. 9" , 27 BODY FRAME\VORK 20" 1/2" Ш 1/2" t Ф 1/21 ф ф ~@] t 1/21 05/32" dia. FIGURE 2-19. ~12+ fi'J+ Drilling and cutting guide. 20· 41/2" -1- 5" t о 5/32" dia. FIGURE 2-20. 01/8" dia. ~I- 5" + 01/8" dia. Drilling and cutting guide. I~I~I ф@] 28 CHAPTER Two 20 W 8" 1/~ §]+ 1/2" 8" t t t t~ 1/21 05/32" dia. FIGURE 2-21. 1~12+ Drilling and cutting guide.

Q СU1ТING ALUMINUM Figure 2-1 shows how to cut each of the five aluminum strips into the pieces that make up Questor's framework. Cut the strips with а hack saw and use а miter Ьох to achieve straight cuts. Ве careful not to cut the aluminum before you have checked your measurements. 13 Copyright 2002 ТЬе McGraw-Нi11 Companies, Inc. Click Here for Terms ofUse. ~ L_ 36" I 36" 36" 6" I 6" I 6" -~ 10" 10" -, 10" 20" ~" ,- -10" 10" 10" г- 20" -- ~" ~" ~" ~" ~" ~" г- 0" Save section- will ье used later.

JJ hlnge AffiE\\\C AN R0(30 TS 1Jase-------- 11'\ г ""--""-;0\ . FIGURE 1-21. Сап уои пате this robot? (Courtesy о! nL;o Р1е : 'f • - D1splay panel Claw------ --...... \h8f' 1" L","'P' Secure---l' Bolt - - Flat Мain рап Tin , Body QPTIO"'AL НЕА\) A~SEfflBl1 то tЗЕ l1d moulRE() оы ROUER J31\S[ AmfRICAN ROBOTS rRO~ ~. ~/'f177 FIG URE 1-22. vlew . -b Does this аltеrпаtе head design look familiar? (Courtesy о! American Robots. ) Тhis page intentionally lejt blank. CHAPTER О N Е ТНЕ MOTORIZED PLATFORM he motorized platform is а most important part of Questor's construction.

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