Bilingual Access to Interlingual Homographs. An Examination by Kathryn Colleen Conklin

By Kathryn Colleen Conklin

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Duffy et al. (1988) had participants read sentences containing lexically ambiguous words like pitcher whose interpretations were equivalently frequent (equibiased), or like port whose interpretations had different frequencies (nonequibiased), as illustrated in Table 3. For non-equibiased homonyms like port, the sentence context supported the less frequent meaning. Therefore, the sentence context supported the ‘type of wine’ meaning of port instead of the ‘harbor’ meaning. A disambiguating region, indicating the appropriate interpretation of the homonym, either preceded or followed it.

When words have overlapping orthography but have both semantic and phonological representations that compete for selection, recognition is slowed (inhibited). A study by Hino and Lupker (1996) examined the role of frequency on the 6 In a naming task a word is presented on a screen and participants are asked to say (name) the word aloud. As stated previously, in a lexical decision task a string of letters is presented on a screen and participants are asked to indicate via a button press if the string is a word or not.

Condition Target Lang. Homograph Freq. HF-S/D LF-E L2/ English L1/ Dutch H-L Diff HF-E LF-S/D HF-D LF-E H-L Diff H-L Diff HF-E LF-D H-L Diff Gerard & Scarbourough Frequency Experiment Dijkstra et al. Exp. 1 Frequency De Groot et al. Exp. ’s pattern of results can be explained by differences in the relative frequencies of the Dutch and English readings of the homographs. When homographs had a high frequency in English and a low frequency in Dutch and the language of processing was Dutch, inhibition was observed.

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