Bantu Orthography Manual by Leila Schroeder

By Leila Schroeder

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Botne (2003:425) notes that in Lega (D25) long vowels occur most commonly in ideophones (which generally tend toward onomatopoeia and intonational length) and rarely in other words—he lists only three other words that have long vowels. Thus, even in a language with no systematic phonemic vowel length, there can be the need for an occasional double vowel. This would call for the singling out of such morphemes as teaching points in an orthography guide and any literacy pedagogy. Sequences of nasal plus consonant which do not condition preceding vowel length In some languages, there are certain specific vocabulary items which contain sequences of nasal plus consonant that do not condition length in the preceding vowel.

Monosyllabic noun stems make the prefix syllabic. For Swahili adjectives, classes 1 and 3 are distinguished from classes 9 and 10 by syllabicity vs. , /ṃdogo/ ‘little [implied: person]’ vs. / ‘clay plate, pot lid’ ‘war’ / ͫ bale/ /nkʰo ‘brother’ ‘path’ /ṃbale/ /ṇkʰondo/ Heins says, “The pronunciation of ph, th, kh, d and b is affected by prenasalization (the indicates aspiration).

18 Exception: In Swahili, the velar nasal /ŋ/, a phoneme in the language, is written by a trigraph . However, when a velar consonant is prenasalized, the simple letter is used, to keep words visually shorter and simpler. For example, /Ngoma/ ‘drum’ is written rather than . Usually, prenasalization for Bantu languages is written with for bilabial sequences ,< mp> and precedes the stop for alveolar , palatal , and velar , sequences.

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