Automotive Model Predictive Control: Models, Methods and by Luigi Del Re, Frank Allgöwer, Luigi Glielmo, Carlos

By Luigi Del Re, Frank Allgöwer, Luigi Glielmo, Carlos Guardiola, Ilya Kolmanovsky

Automotive regulate has built over the many years from an auxiliary te- nology to a key aspect with no which the particular performances, emission, protection and intake objectives couldn't be met. for this reason, automobile keep watch over has been expanding its authority and accountability – on the cost of complexity and di?cult tuning. The innovative evolution has been normally ledby speci?capplicationsandshorttermtargets,withthe consequencethat car keep an eye on is to a really huge volume extra heuristic than systematic. Product standards are nonetheless expanding and new demanding situations are coming from most likely large markets like India and China, and by contrast ba- flooring there's extensive consensus either within the and academia that the present kingdom isn't passable. Model-based keep an eye on should be an method of enhance functionality whereas decreasing improvement and tuning instances and probably expenditures. version predictive regulate is one of those model-based keep an eye on layout procedure which has skilled a turning out to be good fortune because the heart of the Eighties for “slow” advanced crops, particularly of the chemical and procedure undefined. within the final a long time, severaldevelopments haveallowedusing those tools additionally for “fast”systemsandthis hassupporteda growinginterestinitsusealsofor car purposes, with numerous promising effects suggested. nonetheless there is not any consensus on no matter if version predictive keep an eye on with its excessive requi- ments on version caliber and on computational energy is a good selection for automobile control.

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The test case should also contain a challenging situation for the control, by having a considerable impact on the realization of the combustion requirements by the air loop. Experience quickly led to the choice of the high load part of the NEDC. O. Calendini and S. Breuer Fig. 5 Elements used in the example acceleration from 100 to 120 km/h needs the highest torque and requires precise mixture control to ensure respect of emission legislation. 6l turbocharged direct injection diesel engine was adapted to the task.

This means the model development has to focus more on usability and common language with the client departments. In the same time, system simulation now includes new sub systems, touching engineers who on one hand bring in their component or sub system models, and on the other hand are less familiar with control loops and engine operating points. With those subsystems, new physical phenomena have to be described. A rising topic is validation, with its need for so-called environment models to stimulate control units for testing purposes.

Despite the fact that multi-linear models offer only an approximation of the real behavior of the air path, MPC shows a better performance as it reacts much faster and has a more intensive use of the actuators than the production control. This is due to the fact that MPC takes explicitly in account the cross couplings and the limits, while the standard ECU control tries to compensate the coupling via additional feed forward elements. Especially in the transients the MPC can go faster since also the physical bounds of the actuator valves are included as constraints in the MPC law and can therefore be fully exploited.

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