Automated Driving: Safer and More Efficient Future Driving by Daniel Watzenig

By Daniel Watzenig

The major issues of this e-book comprise complex regulate, cognitive information processing, excessive functionality computing, practical safeguard, and accomplished validation. those issues are obvious as technological bricks to force ahead computerized driving.
The present state-of-the-art of automatic car examine, improvement and innovation is given. The ebook additionally addresses industry-driven roadmaps for significant new expertise advances in addition to collaborative ecu projects assisting the evolvement of computerized using. a number of examples spotlight the nation of improvement of automatic riding in addition to the best way forward.
The ebook may be of curiosity to teachers and researchers inside of engineering, graduate scholars, car engineers at OEMs and providers, ICT and software program engineers, managers, and different decision-makers.

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Extra info for Automated Driving: Safer and More Efficient Future Driving

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Pdf. Accessed 27 Aug 2015 17. E. Schoitsch, Approaches Towards Safe and Secure Mixed-Criticality Systems, in Functional Safety Community, Graz, 15 June 2015 18. International Organization for Standardization, Intelligent Transport Systems— Communications Access for Land Mobiles (CALM)—Architecture. ISO 21217, 2014 (2014) 40 S. Grubmüller et al. 19. A. 11p to 5G. Elektrotechnik Informationstechnik 132(7), 409–416 (2015). 1007/s00502-015-0343-0 20. A. Festag, Cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) standards in Europe.

M. , Transient System Safety and Architectural Requirement for Partly Highly Automated Driving Functions, in Electric & Electronic Systems in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and Electrical Energy Management (2014) 10. J. Becker, M. Helmle, Architecture and system safety requirements for automated driving, in Road Vehicle Automation 2, ed. by G. Meyer, S. Beiker. Lecture Notes in Mobility, vol. 2 (Springer, Cham, 2015), pp. 37–48 11. International Organization for Standardization, Road Vehicles—Functional Safety.

Furthermore, due to the V2I data exchange, the automated function is able to align the guidance of the vehicle based on data provided by surrounding information, such as velocity limitations or lighting signals. A cooperative system has the potential to increase the traffic efficiency, enhance the traffic safety, and decrease emissions. Starting from the year 2014, Fig. 4 shows an expectation of the gradual development from connected to cooperative vehicles, from lower levels of automation, and finally to fully cooperative automated vehicles in urban areas by 2030.

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