Asymptotic approximations by Harold Jeffreys

By Harold Jeffreys

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A history of vector analysis : the evolution of the idea of a vectorial system

Concise and readable, this article levels from definition of vectors and dialogue of algebraic operations on vectors to the concept that of tensor and algebraic operations on tensors. It also includes a scientific learn of the differential and critical calculus of vector and tensor services of house and time.

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Volume doubling measures and heat kernel estimates on self-similar sets

This paper reports the next 3 difficulties: whilst does a degree on a self-similar set have the amount doubling estate with admire to a given distance? Is there any distance on a self-similar set lower than which the contraction mappings have the prescribed values of contractions ratios? And while does a warmth kernel on a self-similar set linked to a self-similar Dirichlet shape fulfill the Li-Yau style sub-Gaussian diagonal estimate?

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These points in T*F are ( (cp + 7T, —s), since d(p stays the same under translation (p — i » ^ + 7r and ds changes to —ds under the reflection p ^ —p. 19) is valid in both directions. References M. D. Altschuler, Reconstruction of the global-scale three-dimensional solar corona, Topics in Applied Physics, vol. 32, pp. 105-145, Springer-Verlag, New York/Berlin, 1979. T. M. Lewitt, Image reconstruction from projections: I: General theoretical considerations, II: Projection completion methods (theory), III: Projection completion methods (computational examples), Optik 50 (1978), I: 19-33, II: 189-204, III: 269-278.

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