Along Lighted Alleys: an anthology by Gerard Kuc

By Gerard Kuc

Edited by way of Gerard Kuc, this is often an anthology of poems written by way of contributors from world wide of an internet team, The modern Poet Guild. this can be a nonprofit paintings to assist in giving them the popularity their paintings merits.

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In it, you are a reflection of a reflection. Your ghost eyes look to me, Look through me Look to a future setting red and mean across a dusty freeway overpass. A future I can only see in reflection. TYRANNOSUARUS REX Tyrannosaurus Rex You may consider very mean, With six inch dagger teeth And skin a slimy green. But just ponder What it mawed and munched, Then think of all the plants That prey had chewed and crunched. Those plants lived and breathed too And were torn leaf from stem, And the T Rex, you see, Was a messiah to them.

J. Saxon San Jose, California Ms Saxon resides in Northern California with her cat Ferris but hopes to someday live in a place with real seasons, real people and a reasonable cost of living. Until then she will continue her quest to capture her vampyre on film while her soul bleeds onto paper. com. Silence The silence lingers here I again find myself speechless in your presence The vastness, the unknown If only you would let your guard down But no Instead we talk of sob stories yet never tell Fear of love for pity's sake Or fear of knowledge with another You did speak once and I stood enthralled Bond built to be broken Searching for strength to stand together It's easier to stand alone Who to narrate this tragedy Best the voice of the writer So his discontent and pain shine through But he just nods and sends me off Doesn't care why I might want to know So I find myself dancing circles around you again This time it is to get your attention No need to make myself dizzy anymore Still mute I long to ask for your story Quietly I pray you see me here, tell me on your own But I must admit I'm wearing thin I'm not even sure why I'm still here I've asked for little, I've gotten less But I wait and I hope and I linger with the silence Gerard Kuc Along Lighted Alleys Page 34 Sunday Morning Blue On days like this, the feeling of pen on paper is enough to keep me going… Keep me up long enough to avoid waking on Sunday morning, searching for you Just the thought triggers your voice in my head And I have to wonder what it is about Sunday morning That causes me to wake thinking of you… Look over expecting to see blue eyes… Expecting you to start talking… Sometimes I swear I can still smell you on the pillow I find avoidance in the motion… Solace in my need for movement.

It's a process A piece of a splendid plan Thousand times I heard Listened but never grasped Now, I take heed For everything leads to the Omnipotent Arms. Gerard Kuc Along Lighted Alleys Page 39 ---------------DEADLY LULLABIES words bubbling out your mouth deceivingly sweet, enticing, perfectly woven sons and daughters of the world have touched the heavens with your lullabies day and night the echoes of their cries reverberate from north to south you take them in your arms and make them fall asleep – forever with your deadly lullabies.

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