Al-Hallaj by Mason, Herbert I.W.

By Mason, Herbert I.W.

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321/933), once closely allied to the Queen Mother Shaghab as head of the court harem, and to Grand Chamberlain Nasr, also of Greek origin, who had elevated him to Commander of field police forces, destined to lead the forces of the Caliphate of Muqtadir against the enemies of the Samanids, its allies, and later against the Daylamites in eastern Iran, returned to Baghdad, and this time came under the influence of Hamid, whose intrigue was now aimed mostly against a prominent Samanid vizir, Bal'ami, the learned translator and patron of The Facts of His Life and Theme of Disappearance 25 works transmitted in the "new Persian" language, and a disciple of Hallaj from earlier days.

It was during this period that he made contact with notables of the ruling Samanid dynasty of Khurasan who would remain loyal to him against their allied and fellow-Sunnite 'Abbasid overlords of Baghdad at the time of his martyrdom in 309/922. He preached against Manichean dualism (zandaqa) among the Uyghur Turks and others beyond the Dar al-Isliim, a heresy of which he himself would erroneously be accused at his trial. The spiritual balance in the world divided between forces of good and forces of evil could be struck, he preached, by means of self-sacrificing saints, the abdiil inter-cessors, who witness at the fron tiers of true belief (ahl al-thughilr wa'l-ribfitat) so as to manifest love of God alone against temptations of evil.

But unlike the celebrated progenitor of Muslim mystical ascese, Hallaj based his personal mission and witness of the transcendent source Himself, on the One he called Beloved or Friend or You and ultimately his Only Self. His concentration from the time of his first hajj to Mecca was on the overwhelming relationship with the Real, the One Creative Truth, al-Haqq, a relationship whose threshold was "spiritual anguish" tDiuuin. XVII) and whose destiny, in his own case, was condemnation and death at the hands of jealous and 34 Hallaj manipulative government and religious bureaucrats.

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