Agreement, Pronominal Clitics and Negation in Tamazight by Hamid Ouali

By Hamid Ouali

This ebook offers a research of varied very important elements of Tamazight Berber syntax in the generative culture. >

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C transfers its q>-features to T and does not keep a copy of these features. C does not transfer its q>-features to T at all. b. c. C transfers its cp-features toT and keeps a copy. Chapter 5 provides detailed discussion and empirical evidence for all these possibilities. In the meantime let us return to example (36); the not-extracted wh-subject serves as the Goal for two different Probes T and C. According to Chomsky, T inherits its q>-features form C. T then should probe the subject and subject-verb agreement or T-agreement should obtain.

Agree, to the extent that it is a computationally efficient operation, holds for any form of agreement. When this operation is inhibited, the suppression effects are uniformly displayed across all the seemingly disparate empirical domains within which it usually applies. PER woman "The woman saw the boy" arba boy The verb is fully inflected for subject-verb agreement. Given the DbP approach adopted here, I argue that this agreement is obtained as a result of Agree between T and the subject DP as schematized below (Note that since we have not discussed clause structure in Tamazight Berber yet (see Chapter 3) I omit a number of details not relevant to the present illustration).

An NP in the Spec-head relation to this Agr complex bears the associated case and agreement features. The Spec-head and the head-head relations are therefore the core configurations for inflectional morphology. 5 (Chomsky 1995: 174) As Belletti (2001) notes, the phenomenon of subject-verb agreement is obtained as a result of two operations: the first is the agreement relation between the subject in [Spec AgrP] and the Agr head, and the second is the realization of the features of Agr on the verb, either in the lexicon or through incorporation of V into Agr (as in Baker's 1988 incorporation framework).

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