A treatise on Bessel functions and their applications to by Gray A., Mathews G.B.

By Gray A., Mathews G.B.

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Mazalov, V. N. (2005). Calculation of the Electromagnetic Fields of Dipole Sources in Layered Media. Doklady Physics, (Apr. 4, pp. 1922556 Song, J. -M. (1993). Propagation of EM Pulses Excited by an Electric Dipole in a Conducting Medium. IEEE Tran. Ant. , (Oct. 10, pp. ; Louis, A. & Fei, D. (2010). A Novel Electromagnetic Radiated Emission Source Identification Methodology. Proceedings of Asia-Pacific Symposium on EMC, Pekin (China), Apr. 12-16 2010, ISBN 978-1-4244-5621-5 Sten, J. -E. & Hujanen, A.

The delays obtained in Fig. 12 ns, correspond to the two highlighted points. Reprinted with permission from Gómez-Díaz et al. (2009b). Copyright 2009, IEEE. results, from which two observations may be made: i) at the end of the line, the temporal width of the pulse has increased by a factor of 5 (at 50% of the magnitude), ii) the edges of the square envelope have been rounded off by the band-pass filtering response of the CRLH line. The small ripples near the end of the structure are explained by the Gibbs effect on the input pulse due to the finite computational interval and resolution.

34 Fourier Transform Applications Will-be-set-by-IN-TECH 8 Fig. 6. Illustration of a CRLH LWA. The antenna can be configured to radiate at backwards [ω < ω T and β(ω ) < 0], forwards [ω > ω T and β(ω ) > 0] or broadside [ω = ω T and β(ω ) = 0]. 3 Impulse regime analysis of CRLH leaky-wave antennas A CRLH transmission line supports a fast-wave mode [see Oliner & Jackson (2007)] which penetrates inside the fast-wave region. Therefore a CRLH structure behaves as a leaky-wave antenna when it is excited by a source with a frequency within a range of (ω BF < ω < ω EF ), where ω BF and ω EF are the fast-wave region limits [see Fig.

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