A Polynomial Translation of Mobile Ambients into Safe Petri by Susanne Göbel

By Susanne Göbel

The grasp thesis of Susanne Göbel generates the deep knowing of the cellular Ambient (MA) calculus that's essential to use it as a modeling language. rather than calculus phrases a way more handy illustration through MA bushes certainly maps to the appliance quarter of networks the place strategies go hierarchical security domain names like firewalls. The paintings analyses MA’s functionality ideas and derives a translation into secure Petri nets. It extends to arbitrary MA approaches yet finiteness of the web and for that reason decidability of reachability is barely assured for bounded approaches. the development is polynomial in method measurement and boundaries in order that reachability research is barely PSPACE-complete.

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We only care for transitions which influence the parent-child relations between ambients and twigs. One can easily verify that only one transition sequence with intermediate unstable markings can be executed at a time since each first step consumes the semaphore and each later step requires the one before. 2 is independent of the semaphore. Thus, it may be executed between stable markings or interleaved with an arbitrary blocking chain. However, its transitions do not influence the tree and can be ignored.

Idealised, this is P(it) = vii .... Q(jJ) where the lengtb of and ii is It and ii has length c. Of COUl'8e, no further restrictions may be present in the omitted inner partl since the maximum c is already reached. t most" used names may persist the oall. 84 (Periodic name usage). We depict the number of names used in the process pea) where PuloJ = vnl ... unused(x,,) ... Q(n:z, fl2, ... )]. We assume that it consists of It different restricted link names 80 that we have It different known names right after the call of P.

At least these names are not used in the net. 16 (Associated rMA process). Let M a stable MA-PN marking with the set of restricted link names 'R.. Its associated rMA process term. rest(M) where rest is the restoring function for a process term introduced above. This unique correspondence from the marking's point of view is matched by a large number of markings for each process: The function rest( M) abstracts the different possible choices for twig and ambient names away. Also, it hides wether some leaf contained unprocessed ambient spawns or parallel compositions.

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