A Grammar of Toqabaqita (Mouton Grammar Library) by Lichtenberk, Frantisek

By Lichtenberk, Frantisek

Toqabaqita is an Austronesian language spoken by means of nearly 13,000 humans at the island of Malaita within the south-eastern Solomon Islands. This two-volume grammar is the 1st accomplished description of the language, according to the author's box paintings. The grammar bargains with the phonology, morphology, syntax, and discourse styles of the language, in addition to with its touch with Solomon Islands Pijin. it will likely be of particular curiosity to typologists and to experts in Austronesian linguistics.

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Some bases have two reduplicated counterparts distinguished by different types of reduplication. In some instances the two forms that involve reduplication are synonymous; in others there is a difference in meaning: 32 Phonology (2-66) a. b. c. d. e. n/ ‘be crooked’, ‘move in a zigzag way’ /b77-b7a/ also /b7a-b7a/ ‘sp. a/ -PROP ‘of a place: be pleasantly cool, shaded’ /k''-k'–7/ (intr. ) ‘wiggle a dibble stick in the ground’ /k'–7-k'–7/ ‘lean to a side’, ‘tilt repeatedly from side to side’ There is a profusion of variant forms all of which have the meaning ‘moss, lichen’: /l7m7/, /l77-l7m7/, /l7m7-l7m7/, and also /r7m7/, /r77-r7m7/, /r7m7r7m7/.

However, no such minimal pair has come to light. There are a few lexicalized phrases that are exceptional to the rule that lexical items retain their stress patterns in compounds. +/ in its variant form /+/. 3 Stress 27 bles. In the lexicalized phrase in (2-54) the component before the preposition is disyllabic and no additional stress is necessary: /ma–n-+-k+l7/ [may$n+k+pl7] heal-LOC-hole ‘chronic ulcer, sore’ (it only heals in the hole, that is, in the person’s grave) (2-54) However, in the lexicalized phrase in (2-55) the component before the preposition is trisyllabic.

For example: (2-40) a. /77s+/ [7p:7s+] ‘buy’ and /77s+-a/ buy-DVN ‘market’ [7y:7s+p‹] b. OBJ ‘wait for him/her/it’ c. OBJ ‘scold him/her’ The addition or a word-final monosyllabic suffix to a disyllabic base does not affect the stress: 22 Phonology (2-41) a. /la'/ [lap'] ‘go’ and /la'-a/ [lap'a] go-DVN ‘group of people going somewhere’ b. OBJ ‘see them’ The addition of a disyllabic suffix never results in a change in the stress pattern of the base, because the first vowel of the suffix receives stress.

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