A grammar of Sidaama (Sidamo), a Cushitic language of by Kazuhiro Kawachi

By Kazuhiro Kawachi

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Ghayl Ghayl Ba Ba Ba Wazir Wazir " Ghayl " " " ! ! Ash Ash AshShihr Shihr Shihr Shihr ! ! W. W. Shewa Shewa OROMIYA OROMIYA AA AA Zone2 Zone2 AA AA Zone1 Zone1 Mayfa'ah Mayfa'ah AA AA Zone5 Zone5 West West Shewa Shewa ! pdf) Sources: UNHCR Administrative Units Database, Global Insight digital mapping - © 1998 Europa Technologies Ltd. The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations. - 12 - Nassir Nassir !

According to Wansamo (website a), the Sidaama people are geographically surrounded by the Oromo groups (Arusi, Guji/Jemjem), the Gedeo people, and the Wolaita (Wolaytta) people (Omotic, not Cushitic), as shown in Figure 2. (North) Arusi Wolaitas Jemjem (Guji) (West) Arusi Arusi Sidaama (East) Gedeo Guji Jemjem (Guji) Guji Jemjem (Guji) (South) Figure 2: Sidaama Zone and Peoples in its Neighboring Zones (Wansamo website a) - 14 - Kazuhiro Kawachi A Grammar of Sidaama (Sidamo) Chapter 1: Introduction 15 There has long been a conflict between the Sidaama people and the Oromo groups over their territories.

In some Sidaama houses, there is a chicken house high up on the wall, and the chicken house is accessed by way of stairs from the ground. A Sidaama house has one story, and its roof is covered with dry grass (buuyyo). , front’); a kitchen is located in one of these rooms. - 17 - Kazuhiro Kawachi A Grammar of Sidaama (Sidamo) Chapter 1: Introduction 18 • Education As in other places in Ethiopia, primary education is provided for children of about 7-14 years old. It is divided into two phases, first-fourth grades and fifth-eighth grades, and children are expected to complete at least the first phase.

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