A Grammar of Modern Breton by Ian J. Press

By Ian J. Press

The sequence builds an in depth number of prime quality descriptions of languages world wide. every one quantity bargains a finished grammatical description of a unmarried language including absolutely analyzed pattern texts and, if acceptable, a thesaurus and different appropriate info that's on hand at the language in query. There aren't any regulations as to language family members or zone, and even supposing exact realization is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and necessary remedies of higher recognized languages also are integrated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the single criterion is a excessive typical of medical caliber.

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U ou e e_ ^ eu o p_ (oe) eu ω p_ NASAL VOWELS FRONT CENTRAL BACK (1) ia. 2 below). 1. Examples and Discussion In the following examples it should be borne in mind that variation, sometimes considerable, will occur. , for example, may hover between half-open/half-close variants; stressed $_, fi may "tend" to closeness when long, but to openness when short. 1. Stress Mobility tremen [ ' t r e m e n ] " ( t o ) pass" - tremenet [ t r e ' m e : n e t ] (PPCP) mignon [ ' m i n o n ] "friend" - mignoned [ m i ' n o r n e t ] (PL) an den [ a n ' d e : n ] "the man" - un den [ ' cenden] "a man" This is particularly strong in certain syntagmata, where, given a second component which is monosyllabic, the stress may fall on the first component.

2) Internal: ([s]/[m]/[n]/[r]/[l]) + STOP + ([r]/[I]). )". mantrus The sequences [ntl], [ndl] are not found. Internally (and finally) -l/-i + c'h(-) has the voiced velar fricative [ ]. 3) Final [1], [r] in a group tend to drop. Even if they survive, the preceding consonant may be neutralized as if it were final. Examples: goor ['go:B(r)] (or ['ggop(r)]). These groups are the same as the internal groups (historically a final vowel has been lost). If the group starts with [s], voicelessness remains in sandhi: fresk eo ['freskeo] "it's cool".

A neutralization of fortis and lenis as voiceless lenis has been noted. , tap! ", Dak! ". That these are often loan-words may not be irrelevant). Is there, one may ask, such a thing as a "voiced fortis"? 1, the answer would be that non-mutated b_, i, g are fortis when absolute word-initial (a feature of the explosive character of this position). This seems to indicate that absolute word-initial consonants will be fortis (non-fortis, if not lenis, in Plougrescant voiced initials, for example). So, surely fortis/lenis is redundant here.

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