A Companion to the Muslim World by Amyn B. Sajoo

By Amyn B. Sajoo

What precisely is the Qur'an? How does this notable record -- actually ""recitation"" -- relate to the lifestyles and occasions of the Prophet Muhammad? And why did the faith of the Prophet, which got here to be referred to as ""Islam"" (or submission to God's will), on the middle of which lies the Qur'an, supply delivery to a legacy so richly assorted in religion, legislations and civilization? This immaculately researched, yet while completely available, publication bargains a trip into the complete variety of expertise -- earlier and current, secular and sacred -- of the peoples and cultures that percentage in Islamic culture. the amount examines a huge variety of issues and issues. Poets, towns and the structure of mosques are as a lot part of its exploration because the position of technological know-how in trust, methods of analyzing scripture, the connection of ladies to the religion and the emergence of a ""digital community"" of believers. within the aftermath of Sep 11, the so-called ""war on terror"" and a brand new international geopolitics outlined by way of response and reaction to the perils of fundamentalism and extremism, it really is critical to appreciate -- throughout all its frontiers -- what Islam is ready and what Muslims believe. A significant other to the Muslim World includes an enticing and coherent test through individual students to contibute in the direction of that very important means of comprehension.

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In the aftermath of World War II, America was for Qutb a threatening presence, as was France in the 1820s for Tahtawi. Yet Tahtawi was keen – as were reformers like Muhammad Abduh (1814-1905), Sayyid Ahmed Khan (1817-1898) and Jamal al-Din al-Afghani (1838-1897) – to absorb what they saw as the best of the West. There was confidence not only that this could be done but also that it must be done. After all, had Muslims not once carried the torch in the sciences and humanities, from which was lit the fire of the Renaissance that led to Modernity?

Like her fellow Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish (1941-2008), Jayussi writes from exile that becomes more than just political; it is also about the dislocation and journeying of the human soul, in a modern echo of Rumi. Inclusions Women have figured prominently among Muslim poets and mystics, but less so among those who have determined the course of political and religious life. The Prophet himself leaned heavily on Khadija as his wife, counsellor and even employer, while women played vital roles in attesting to the hadith and other essential narratives of the community.

He envisions a courtyard roofed in palm leaves, with living quarters made of wood and mud lining the walls. But this will be more than a home. This converted dryingground and cemetery will serve as the first masjid or mosque of IBT021 - A Companion to the Mulism World 10/6/09 The Prophet’s City 16:41 Page 27 27 a new kind of community, one so revolutionary that many years later, when Muslim scholars seek to establish a distinctly Islamic calendar, they will begin not with the birth of the Prophet, nor with the onset of the Revelation, but with the year Muhammad and his band of Emigrants came to this small federation of villages to start a new society.

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