A Brief History of Misogyny - The World's Oldest Prejudice by Jack Holland

By Jack Holland

During this compelling, robust e-book, the overdue Irish journalist and essayist Jack Holland got down to resolution a frightening query: how do you clarify the oppression and brutalization of part the world's inhabitants by means of the opposite part, all through heritage? the result's an eye-opening trip via centuries, continents and civilizations because it seems to be at either ancient and modern attitudes to girls. Misogyny encompasses the Church, witch hunts, sexual concept, Nazism, pro-life campaigners, and at last, ultra-modern constructing global, the place ladies are more and more and disproportionately in danger due to radicalized spiritual ideals, famine, battle, and ailment. largely researched, hugely readable and provocative, this publication chronicles an historic, pervasive and enduring injustice. The questions it poses care for the basics of human lifestyles — intercourse, love, violence — that experience formed the lives of people all through historical past, and finally limn an abuse of human rights on an almost unthinkable scale.

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I know that tracing the history of any hatred is a complex matter. At the root of a particular form of hatred, whether it be class or racial hatred, religious or ethnic hatred, one usually finds a conflict. But, on the depressing list of hatreds that human beings feel for each other, none other than misogyny involves the profound need and desires that most men have for women, and most women for men. Hatred coexists with desire in a peculiar way. This is what makes misogyny so complex: it involves a man’s conflict with himself.

Ludicrous as it might seem, the myth of the father of the gods becoming the mother of the gods was given force by the science of Aristotle, in which the role of the mother in pregnancy was determined to be merely nutritive. She was the passive receptacle of the male seed, which contained everything needed (except the environment) for the development of the foetus. Whatever the female can do, it seems, the male can do better – though there is no evidence of any Greek males rushing to experiment with impregnation and giving birth.

Men would step in to defend a dog from being kicked around by another man, but felt no obligation to do the same when faced with brutality being inflicted on a wife by her husband. Ironically, this was because of the ‘sacred’ status of the relationship between man and wife, which barred intervention. When political violence broke out in the late 1960s, misogynistic behaviour expressed itself more publicly. Catholic girls who dated British soldiers were dragged into the street, bound and held down (often by other women), while the men hacked and shaved off their hair, before pouring hot tar over them and sprinkling them with feathers.

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