A Beginner?s Guide To BorderManager 3.x (Third Edition, by Anonymous

By Anonymous

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Эта книга от Craig Johnson ( Novell aid Connection SysOp и добавлю от себя - известнейшего специалиста в данной области) раскрывает наиболее полно все апекты в понимании и настройке Novell BorderManager (Корпоративного Firweall от Novell Inc.), версий от 3.0 до 3.8, включая настройку BorderManager 3.8 IKE-base VPN . Эта книга доступна только в электронном виде на сайте автора по цене $44.95.

От себя также добавлю что эта книга видимо единственная (и к счастью исчерпывающе полная) по данной теме.

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Without having additional IP addresses to assign to the public interface, you cannot make use of static NAT. However, the BorderManager proxies can all share the single primary public IP address. Not having another public IP address to assign on the public IP subnet also means that you cannot place a PC on the public subnet for testing purposes, at least not without taking the place of the Internet router. x - Copyright 2000-2004, Craig S. Johnson Page 44 Chapter 2 - Basics June 8, 2004 Scenario 2 - A Cable Modem with DHCP Connection In this scenario, the Internet connection is provided via cable modem with a DHCP-assigned address.

A second public IP address has been assigned to the BorderManager public interface and configured with Static NAT and packet filter exceptions to pass SMTP mail traffic to an internal mail server. (Experience has shown that using Static NAT is more reliable than using the Mail Proxy. ) A third public IP address has been assigned to the BorderManager public interface and configured with BorderManager reverse proxy acceleration to allow another internal web server to make it available to the Internet.

If you have ever taken a basic Novell certification test and been exposed to the OSI 7-layer model of networking, you can make good use of those concepts here, as BorderManager deals a lot with the networking layer, and the application layer of that model. (Remember Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Network, Data Link and Physical? ) You should realize that it is important to prevent unwanted traffic from getting into your LAN when you connect it to the Internet, and that a firewall (like BorderManager) is intended to provide that protection.

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