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Predicator, Indirect and Direct Objects, and Adjunct are included as syntactic functions, which correspond to the semantic roles. We examine the syntactic functions more closely in Chapter 2. Janice will give Chris the bill tomorrow Experiential Agent Process Recipient Affected Circumstance Interpersonal Subject Finite + Predicator Indirect Object Direct Object Adjunct Textual Theme Rheme In a typical active declarative clause such as this, Agent, Subject and Theme coincide and are realised in one wording, in this case Janice.

2 CRITERIA FOR THE CLASSIFICATION OF CLAUSE ELEMENTS The criteria adopted for the classification of clause functions are four: determination by the verb, position, ability to become the subject and realisations of these functions. 1 Determination by the verb The number and type of objects and complements that can occur in a clause are determined by the verb according to its potential – described in chapters 3 and 5 as its ‘valency’. We say that a certain verb predicts an object or a complement. Eat, for example, predicts an object that expresses the thing eaten.

For instance, the previous sentence is a unit containing other units such as a recognised pattern and in speech and writing. Sequences such as defined as any and repeated regularly in, which also occur in the same sentence, do not constitute units since they have no semantic whole and no syntactic pattern. The following sequence, which comments on the effects of a nuclear accident, constitutes one syntactic unit which is composed of further units: The effects of the accident are very serious. In English, it is useful to recognise four structural units which can be arranged in a relationship of componence on what is called a rank-scale: Unit Boundary marker Example Clause: || || the effects of the accident are very serious || Group: | | the effects of the accident | are | very serious | Word: a space the effects of the accident are very serious Morpheme: + {EFFECT} + {PLURAL}, realised by the morphs effect and -s For the initial stages of analysis it may be helpful to mark off the boundaries of each unit by a symbol, such as those adopted in the example.

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