30 Teenage Stories by Ankur Mitra

By Ankur Mitra

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Papa suggested it after he finally realized that it was I who was producing those pies and souffles and different kinds of stuffed parathas. To my surprise, Ma had also agreed. " and she had left the sentence half-finished. 50 Is it not amazing? I cannot believe this is the same mother who was so exacting and so strict about my marks. I feel so happy inside that I do not even mind studying all this gibberish because I know it won't be for very long. I am looking forward to the next few years...

By the time the exams were over, Ma was back again. Thinner, very tired, but with encouraging reports about Papa. "He has to repeat the entire course of injections," she explained, "but there is nothing to fear. " Ravi's relief on hearing this was so intense that he had to sit down. "Are you sure? " he kept repeating. Deep down, he still expected another telegram any time. His fears were not eased until he faced his father three months later. This time he could not control himself. He burst into tears of relief and as his father held him, he finally confessed what the astrologer had told him.

Behind him, in a noisy group, were Bala, Milan, Biman and Leonard with his guitar. I brought up the rear of the expedition. I was the youngest member, and it somehow seemed the right place to be in. The others proclaimed their maturity by their knowledge of lyrics, swear words and ribald stories; by the depth of their voices, height of their boots and narrowness of their drain-pipe trousers. I wore a pair of hand-me-down shorts and my wornout shoes were cracked in places. I laughed as loudly as any of them when a joke was cracked even if I did not understand it; and like them I brandished a stout stick to brush aside thorny bushes and swipe at passing dragonflies.

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